FocusableTips and SpellChecker

The latest push to SVN added FocusableTips and the SpellChecker add-on makes full use of them.  I’ve prettied up the SpellChecker tips.  They now make use of a few icons from the excellent Silk icon set, and here’s how they currently look:

Latest SpellChecker changes

Latest SpellChecker changes

Note that the “Add to dictionary” functionality doesn’t work yet, but clicking on a suggested fix does correct the word in the editor.

FocusableTips are now the default tooltips used by RSyntaxTextArea.  I still need to work on the placement code to better mimic placement of “real” tooltips.  You can toggle whether “real” JToolTips are used or FocusableTips by these new methods in the RSyntaxTextArea class:

public void setUseFocusableTips(boolean use);
public boolean getUseFocusableTips();

Still more to come!

2 Responses to “FocusableTips and SpellChecker”

  1. hookahey says:

    Wow, this is great news. Was looking for a focusable tooltip myself for longer time and even played around with the one you provide for the autocomplete feature. But because of Swing’s pretty inflexible Tooltip manager and not having enough time to mess with writing an own I gave up on it. Now I cannot wait to have a look how you implemented it and hopefully integrate it in my application.

    Anyways, many tanks for your great work.

    PS: the links in your blog post are broken

  2. […] “FocusableTips” were added, which are tool tips that become focusable when the user clicks on them or presses F2, like the tool tips in Eclipse.  These are the default tool tips for RSyntaxTextArea, and can be used by parsers (such as the spell checker) for user-friendly assistance. […]