RSyntaxTextArea in a JavaFX app

While I’ll certainly not put much time into learning JavaFX, I did poke around at it a little, and it is a nice API.  It’s better designed than Swing, and easier to write clean code in.  In any case, I decided to see how RSyntaxTextArea worked in a JavaFX app, now that JavaFX 8 “fully” supports embedding Swing components into JavaFX apps.

It was pretty easy to do, and at first glance, worked great:

RSTA in JavaFX

RSTA in JavaFX

However, I hit a big snag:  When I resized the window, (what seemed like) every other repaint resulted in everything *but* the Swing content being unpainted!

RSTA in JavaFX - Flicker

RSTA in JavaFX – Flicker

I say every other repaint, because slowly resizing the window you would see constant flicker, between blackness instead of JavaFX rendering, and the JavaFX goodness you were supposed to see.

I took out the RSyntaxTextArea, this does not happen.  So this does not seem to occur in JavaFX apps with no Swing embedded in them.

I added in a JButton instead of the RSyntaxTextArea.  The flicker did not happen.  So it seems to not be all Swing content that does this.

I replaced the JButton with a JTextArea.  The flicker came back.  Okay, so it’s only *certain* Swing components.

Note that there is flicker with stand-alone JTextAreas/RSyntaxTextAreas; JScrollPanes don’t have to be in the equation to see this issue.

So what’s the deal?  Somehow certain Swing content causes the JavaFX rendering pipeline to bug out.

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