RSTA SpellChecker Add-on

Due to popular request, I’ve started working on a simple spell checker add-on for RSyntaxTextArea.  The work has been pretty straightforward so far, and there is already even a project in SVN for it.  The add-on will be a small jar you put on your classpath, and with a couple of calls you can hook it into any RSyntaxTextArea instance.

It’ll spell-check comments in source code, or the entire file if you are editing plain text.  Spelling errors are squiggle-underlined with the color of your choice, and tooltips are available offering any spelling suggestions.  Here’s a teaser screenshot:

SpellChecker Add-on Preview

The actual spell checking functionality is handled by Jazzy, an open-source spell checking engine for Java.  Luckily Jazzy is LGPL just like RSyntaxTextArea, and so that’s also the license this add-on will be released under.

If you download the preview from SVN, please keep in mind that it should be considered an alpha release.  I already have some more changes I’ve yet to push, and the API may change slightly before being officially released.  But feel free to play with it and offer suggestions!  It probably doesn’t work with the 1.3.4 release of RSTA, it probably requires the latest in the trunk for that project as well.

3 Responses to “RSTA SpellChecker Add-on”

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  2. Thanks for your continuous work on RSyntaxTextArea. You implement my requirements faster than I could ask for them 😉

    A minor quibble (I was able to work around the problem very easily by replacing SpellingParser with my own version): I don’t like the way Jazzy is currently integrated in a largely hardcoded and monolithic way. It would IMHO be a lot nicer to have a simple interface to connect any 3rd party spellchecker.

  3. admin says:


    Well, the idea is to make the SpellChecker as simple to use as possible, not requiring users to also download and include their own spell checker library. As you noticed, if you want to use a different spell checker library you can easily write your own, copying how SpellChecker interfaces with RSTA. I’m trying to keep the API to do so simple (just implementing Parser) just for that reason.

    Of course, I’m open to suggestions for this add-on (since it’s still in its infancy). A way to better abstract the engine from the SpellChecker add-on (while keeping it simple to use), or even just a better engine (though I prefer it to be LGPL, BSD or something similar to keep the add-on as usable as possible), or anything else.