RText Released

RText was released last week!  This update adds support for all the cool new features added to RSyntaxTextArea since the last release, such as bookmarking, mark occurrences, improved auto-indentation, and PHP highlighting.  Grab it today and try it out!

RText has slowly developed over several years now, and to date has been one of those unfortunate apps to never see a 1.0 release, despite it being completely functional with few (if any) issues.  However, seeing as it’s now functionally complete, that may be changing.  I hope to bring many of the localizations up-to-date (some of which have fallen behind as of late) and do a fair amount of code cleanup for  Post-1.0, there are no concrete plans yet.  The source may (finally) be updated to use Java 5 features, however there’s no real rush on that since there’ll be no visible improvement for the user.  Another idea is giving the UI a little kick in the pants.  I think it’s got a nice, clean interface, but desktop UI development has gotten a lot flashier as of late, and it wouldn’t hurt RText to jump on that bandwagon…

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