RSyntaxTextArea 2.0.0-beta2 Released

The second beta of 2.0 was just released on SourceForge.  This beta makes folding work when word wrap is enabled, fixes some keyboard shortcuts that didn’t work quite right around folded regions, and a few other minor things.  Check it out!

There are a few more things I’d like to do before a final 2.0 release, but they’re pretty minor.  The battle plan includes:

  • Folding should recognize XML comments.
  • API to do find/replace in selection (not just next/previous from caret or all).
  • A couple of more token types (again).
  • A way for users to disable the fold indicator tool tips for collapsed fold regions.
  • Profile performance of common operations when code folding is enabled, make sure there aren’t horrible degradations caused by the code folding code.

As always, please please please start using code folding ASAP and let me know of any issues you find!

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