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One feature currently in the JavaLanguageSupport is “Go to Window”.  Pressing Ctrl+O (I know, needs a different shortcut) pops up a tool tip-ish window with a tree view of the members of the current source, just like in Eclipse:

Go to Member

Go to Member

At the top is a text field.  Typing in this field filters what members are visible in the popup on the fly:

Filtering while typing

Filtering while typing

Selecting a member in the window selects that member in the editor:

Making a selection

Making a selection

Once you start using this feature, you’ll never stop using it.  It’s much faster than manually scrolling through source code!

While only about 80% of the way there, this functionality will of course be broken apart from the Java language support in particular, so it can be used by other languages.  Unfortunately Java is the only one for which I’ve created a parser capable of finding the members in a source file.  I’ll probably move the ctags support from [url=]RText[/url] into RSTALanguageSupport just for this.

3 Responses to “Java: Go to Member”

  1. Frotty says:

    This is awesome, dude!
    I am using the RSyntaxTextArea for a small IDE I am working on and that took alot of workload from it.
    I am really awaiting those changes, hopefully you will update it soon 🙂

    Keep it going!

  2. Bob Fisch says:

    @Frotty: If you want to, you may use the updated sources on the SVN to compile whatever you need. This is the way I integrate RSyntaxTextArea into Unimozer 🙂

    The new features work very well …

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