RText 1.5 Released on SourceForge!

I’m happy to announce that RText 1.5 was released on SourceForge earlier this week.  This release brings the following changes:

  • Added scripted macro support.  You can now write macros in either JavaScript or Groovy and assign them shortcuts, essentially creating your own custom menu item actions.  This feature really allows you to extend RText in any way imaginable!
  • Added very basic JSP code completion.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to add tld support yet, but the framework is now in place.
  • Added a “stop” button to the Tool output window like the one in the Console output window.  Now you can kill runaway tools (finally!).
  • Updated to RSyntaxTextArea/AutoComplete 1.5.2.  This improves anti-aliasing in the editor, and adds options to auto-insert closing curly braces, clear whitespace-only lines on Enter presses, and painting indent/tab lines.  All of this is configurable in the Options dialog.
  • Added “Check for Updates” menu item to Help menu.
  • Made opening a file via Find in Files dialog center the matched line vertically in the editor.


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