AutoCompletion site now up

AutoCompletion has enough features now where I’d really like other people to start trying out.  So I’ve added a little space for it on describing what it is and (soon) how to use it. There’s a nice WebStart example there of an editor for C with code completion for the C standard library.  The Javadoc is up as well. All that is needed now is a couple of examples to get people started.

I also can’t decide if AutoComplete warrants its own SourceForge project, or if it can just be a subproject of RSyntaxTextArea. While the library can be used on any JTextComponent, auto-completion is usually used in IDE’s and programmer’s editors, and AutoComplete does come with special hooks to work better with RSTA. On the other hand, being a separate project may allow it to be discovered and used by a larger audience. Decisions, decisions…

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