Big Source Browser improvements for Java

RText has almost always had a “Source Browser,” a panel docked on the left (by default) that gave an outline of the code in the currently active editor, similar to the “Outline” view in Eclipse.  This component is powered by ctags, either the standard one if you’re on *nix, or Exuberant Ctags on Windows (or again on *nix if configured that way).  Using the former buys you outlines for C source only, while using the latter gets you outlines for any programming language supported by both Exuberant Ctags and RText (really, what’s supported by RSyntaxTextArea).

But not too long ago, as part of my Language Support add-on library efforts, I also implemented an outline tree specifically for Java, almost perfectly mimicking Eclipse’s Outline view.  I’ve been wanting to use it in RText for awhile now, but figured since it was currently Java-specific (won’t display an outline for any other language), it couldn’t be used.  Well, I finally bit the bullet and made RText’s SourceBrowser “pluggable.”  Languages can register a specific tree view for themselves, but if they don’t, it falls back on the standard ctags-based tree.  This allows me to register and use the JavaOutlineTree class only when editing Java code.  Here’s a screenshot:

Java Outline Tree

Java Outline Tree

As you can see, the Source Browser now provides much more detailed, and much nicer looking, information for Java classes.

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