Function Parameter Assistance

Newly added to the AutoComplete library is parameter assistance… I’m not sure what you should actually call this feature, but it’s the one where typing a ( character causes a little tooltip to pop up describing the parameters for the function you’re entering:


Parameters are entered with default values. You can use tab and shift+tab to navigate through the parameters (ala Eclipse or NetBeans). The parameter you’re entering (separated by commas, for example) is highlighted in bold in the tooltip, and (if available), a short description of the currently active parameter is displayed.

This feature is configurable, just like the other autocomplete options, and can be turned off if you don’t have time to enter descriptive information about everything available to auto-complete.

I plan on making a very early release available on SourceForge this week. I’m interested in getting as much feedback as possible! As far as I know, RSTA and the AutoComplete library is the simplest way to get easy and powerful IDE-style features into Swing applications.

A minor update to RSyntaxTextArea will also be released, fixing a couple of minor bugs that have been reported by users.

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