Java Code Completion Status

The code completion library for standard programming languages for RSyntaxTextArea is almost ready for a public repository.  I plan on calling this library “RSTALanguageSupport” (nice name, huh?), as it contains support for editing common programming languages with RSyntaxTextArea.

In getting this library tidied up, I’ve picked up the Java code completion yet again, since it’s by far the most complex.  I thought I’d give a status update now so people don’t have unrealistic expectations about the library when it’s first released.

Assuming you’ve added any jars you want on your “build path” (to use Eclipse terminology), the Java code completion support can handle:

  1. Class fields and methods:

    Completion of fields and methods

    Completion of fields and methods

  2. Local variables in scope in the current method:

    Completion for local variables

    Completion for local variables

  3. Methods and static fields of non-primitive fields and local variables:

    More local variable completion

    More local variable completion

  4. Common Javadoc completions that I personally find extremely useful in Eclipse:

    Javadoc completions

    Javadoc completions

It does not currently handle completions for return types of methods:

Can't do this just yet

Can't do this just yet

This is the single issue that will take the longest to resolve, as it’ll take a re-hashing of how the code completion is parsing the code.  Other features and bug fixes will appear before this one is fixed.

Also, please note that the Java code completion should not be considered “good design.”  I am (poorly) self-taught in lexing/parsing, and so what I have now is certainly not optimized, easy to read, or using the latest design techniques.  It is what it is.  :)  I consider this to be a learning experience, and that the library will improve over time.

That said, it seems reasonably performant (only a pause when it has to initially load completions for many new classes, such as multiple imports of large packages, such as “javax.swing.*”), and is more than usable on the machines I’ve tested on.  Memory usage could certainly be improved (stuff isn’t shared between multiple editors implementing Java completion that should be) but I plan to fix that soon.

As a side note – as you can see from the first screenshot, I’m also working on tying Javadoc into the description window.  Notice that the Javadoc for the “str” field is nicely formatted in the tool tip-style side window?  That happens for all fields and methods in the current source file.  I’m also working on the ability to add “source attachments” for jars on the “classpath,” just like Eclipse, which will be used for assistance with libraries.  So for example, you can point to the included with your JDK, and get a nice description of each class, field and method in the JDK, just like in your favorite real IDE!

Integration of this library into RText as a plugin is already underway.  As always, RText will be a showcase of all the cool stuff you can do with RSyntaxTextArea.

4 Responses to “Java Code Completion Status”

  1. Bob Fisch says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah … this sound very good. 🙂

  2. Bob Fisch says:

    > April 1st, 2010 <


  3. mnru says:

    I’m intrested in completion of scala .
    How about it ?

  4. admin says:

    I personally don’t know Scala, so I don’t know if it’ll happen any time soon, at least not to the scale of the Java code completion. If someone else has the knowledge of Scala and the spare time, I’d be glad to help them through the mildly-documented AutoComplete API, especially if it could be added back into the project.

    Are you interested in this? If so then drop me a line!