RText 1.1.0 Released!

Hot on the heels of the latest release of RSTA comes a new release of RText.  This time around we have both new features as well as bug fixes and “platform” enhancements (too bad nobody uses the platform except RText!).

The coolest new feature is “Tool support.”  You can now set up “external tools” (e.g. other programs on your system and run them from inside RText.  This allows you to more easily integrate with compilers, tools such as Ant, or any other program you use regularly while programming.  You can even assign keyboard shortcuts to tools, to allow for easy execution.

Adding a New Tool

Below are example screenshots showing a simple Java program being executed within RText:

Selecting a Tool to run

Running a compiled Java class

Task support has been enhanced as well.  In 1.0, any time “TODO” or “FIXME” was found in a code comment, it was assumed to be a task.  Now, users can define what tokens constitute a task themselves.  This allows you to tailor RText to handle your own personal little programming quirks.

Adding a new Task Identifier

All of the enhancements previously blogged about for RSTA also show up in RText 1.1.  This means nice little things such as improved keyboard navigation, and better font selection out-of-the-box on OS X.

Finally, as always, lots of little bugs were squashed and tiny usability enhancements made.  Again, most enhancements these days comes from suggestions from users, so speak up if there’s something you’d like to see in RText or RSyntaxTextArea!  A good place to be heard is over in the forums.

So give this release a shot and see what you think!  The next release will likely sport the currently-vaporware code completion I’ve been working on for a few languages, so stay tuned…

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