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RSyntaxTextArea 2.5.3 Released!

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

RSyntaxTextArea 2.5.3 was just released on GitHub!  Here’s what’s new:


  1. Improvements to PHP syntax highlighting.
  2. In HTML and XML, “mark occurrences” should match tag names even when the caret is in an attribute, not just when it is in the tag name itself.
  3. Java syntax highlighting updated for Java 8 classes, interfaces, and enums.
  4. SQL: matching opening/closing parens are now highlighted.
  5. Fixed several bugs.


  • Only minor changes to support/stay in sync with RSyntaxTextArea 2.5.3.


  • Only minor changes to support/stay in sync with RSyntaxTextArea 2.5.3.


  1. Improvements to CSS code completion.
  2. Improvements to PHP code completion.  Documentation for many functions is now included.
  3. JavaScriptOutlineTree now understands basic JavaScript OO paradigms much better.


  • Only minor changes to support/stay in sync with RSyntaxTextArea 2.5.3.


  • Added “Recent Files” sub-menu to the File menu.
  • Added an option to install a theme on the RSTA editor when previewing changes to a TokenMaker.
  • Bumped version number in the About dialog to “1.0” to match that in the documentation.



JavaScript Outline Tree is getting smarter

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

The JavaScriptOutlineTree class is getting smarter in the next release of RSTALanguageSupport.

As previously reported a little while ago, the outline tree has recently been able to recognize JS classes created by defining members on a prototype.  That functionality has just been extended in a couple of ways:  first, defining an entire prototype at once is now handled correctly (e.g. adding all fields to a prototype at once):

Recognizing prototypes

Recognizing prototypes

Next, Object.create() is parsed properly; all property descriptors passed in as the second argument to the method are properly added to the desired prototype:

Recognizing Object.create()

Recognizing Object.create()

Further, as the JS parser is smart enough to figure this stuff out now, you can quickly navigate to these newly-identified class members via Ctrl+Shift+O.  Pretty nice!

Only a couple of new things might get added before the next release – code completion for built-in objects such as Math, Object, JSON, etc.  Beyond that, I’d like to add some form of language support for Angular and possibly jQuery, but we’ll see.  As a large part of the JS language support was written by someone other than myself, who hasn’t been active recently, it might take a little bit of time for me to figure out the best way to add such features in (the JS language support is currently designed to support code completion for server-side scripting as well as browser-based JS work, so things aren’t as simple as they might seem).