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Groovy: Variables in GStrings

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Another small update:  The screenshot below shows two updates to Groovy syntax highlighting in the next RSTA release:

  1. Variables and expressions in GStrings will be highlighted.
  2. (Some) regular expressions will be highlighted (hard to see, but the “/\d+/” is in brown).

Recent use at work had made my love for Groovy grow, so I decided to give back in the only way I know how.  🙂

Highlighted expressions in GStrings

Highlighted expressions in GStrings

Java Code Completion Updates

Friday, June 24th, 2011

A couple of minor fixes to Java code completion support in RSTALanguageSupport have just been added:

1. Member completion for string literals has been added.  If you’re like me, and are a fan of putting String literals first in string comparisons, i.e.

   if ("PROPERTY_FOO".equals(value)) {
     // ...

then you can see this feature in action.

String Literal Code Completion

String Literal Code Completion

2. Fixed a bug where, if multiple local variables of the same type were declared, and some initialized, in the same statement, some of them would not get parsed.  In the example below, “two” and “three” were not parsed previously, but now they are.

Multiple grouped local var declarations

Multiple grouped local var declarations

Many consider declaring variables like this to be poor form, but it’s valid syntax nonetheless, so the parser should handle it properly!

RText 1.4.0 Released

Monday, June 13th, 2011

RText 1.4.0 has just been released on SourceForge!  Here’s what’s new this release:

  • Added Flex (MXML) syntax highlighting and source browser support.
  • Added Clojure syntax highlighting.
  • Fixed bug: the default directory for new files wasn’t persisted when modified in the Options dialog.  Thanks pmsl in the forums!
  • Added a Console plugin.  This allows you to run system commands (like a shell), as well as interact directly with the RText UI using its API via JavaScript (Rhino).
  • Improved Java code completion.
  • Updated Dutch translation (thanks Rogier), Korean translation (Kwangsub), and Traditional Chinese translation (kp200906).

Moving forward, expect to see improvements to Javascript and MXML editing, even better keyboard navigation, and (yet again) improved Java code completion (read: use less memory)!