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RSyntaxTextArea 1.5.1 Released!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

RSyntaxTextArea and AutoComplete 1.5.1 have both just been released on SourceForge!  This is a maintenance release, fixing minor issues and adding a few small improvements here and there.  Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed bug in properties file highlighting’s handling of single quotes.
  • Improvements to Windows batch file highlighting.
  • Adding a few more shell commands to Unix Shell syntax highlighting.
  • Fixed bug when pressing Enter at the start of an MLC or documentation comment in some C-style languages.
  • Changed “dumb complete word action” from shift+space to ctrl+enter, to eliminate annoying accidental activations.
  • Added a license header for those files that didn’t have one yet.

The SpellChecker library is still at 1.5.0.  All RSTA add-ons in the “1.5.x” family should be binary compatible with one another; just use the latest release of each (1.5.1 of RSyntaxTextArea and AutoComplete, 1.5.0 of SpellChecker).

RSyntaxTextArea 1.5.0 Released!

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Just a belated note that RSyntaxTextArea 1.5.0 was released a little bit ago on SourceForge.  Updates to the AutoComplete library are included as well, not to mention a (still Subversion-access only) new, 0.7-release of RSTALanguageSupport.  Download ’em today!

Some highlights of the improvements include:

There are a couple of very minor things that might spur a 1.5.1 release pretty quickly, but this is a worthy upgrade from 1.4.x in and of itself.

Expect a new RText release pretty soon to showcase all of these new features!