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Generics support added to Java Code Completion

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Support for generics (added in Java 5) is something that was sorely lacking from the Java code completion in RSTALanguageSupport.  That is, until the latest Subversion changes!  This is a very early implementation, and like a lot of the recent Java support changes, there may be bugs and performance issues.  But it’s there!  And things look good for simple usage of the java.util Collecitons classes:

Generics Support

Generics Support

Previously, methods such as List#add() and List#get() would always say that their parameter/return types were of type Object.  Now, if you specify type arguments to classes that accept them, code completion will reflect those type arguments.

As before, please be bleeding edge, try this out, and report back bugs!  You can do so either here, or in the RSyntaxTextArea forums.  There is also currently no way to turn this feature off (i.e. if you want to program with “-source 1.4” effectively enabled), but that will come soon.

More helpful Java code completion – Feedback please!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

If you’re using the JavaLanguageSupport in the RSTALanguageSupport trunk, I’d appreciate it if you checked out the latest and tried it out.  It has a nice new feature in that, if source is attached to jars on the classpath, code completion suggestions for methods will include the methods’ parameter names (assuming they can be found in Javadoc for the method):

Method param names in choices window

Method param names in choices window

Method param names in parameter assistance

Method param names in parameter assistance

Previously, parameter names were grepped out of the source file being edited’s methods, but for any compiled classes on the “classpath,” method parameters were identified by their type only.  The only way to know what each parameter was (short of having the API you’re using memorized) was to read the information in the description window.

Now, Java support has taken the next step.  It’s already reading the Javadoc for each method to put it into the description window, so why not grep the parameter names out of it, and use them everywhere else, such as the main code completion choices window?

If you point your application to a JDK, it’ll automatically locate the source zip (actually, it already did this). and this feature will work out-of-the-box!

My only concern is performance.  This is an un-optimized feature, and it does result in significantly more I/O (reading from the source zip or directory) than was done previously.  Memory consumption should be about the same, though there may be a lot more smaller temporary objects created (i.e. more GC).  So I request that if you grab the latest, you report back to me if there are any performance issues.

Have fun!

Javadoc/Multi-line comments now automatically closed

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The latest SVN contains a cool new feature that took me awhile to get used to in Eclipse.  In Java, C, and similar languages, multi-line comments and Javadoc comments are now automatically closed as you type.

Adding a new doc comment...

Adding a new doc comment…

... and after pressing Enter

… and after pressing Enter

I’ll make this an option, but for now there’s no way to turn it off.  Feedback welcome!