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Yet more Improvements to RSyntaxTextArea

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Happy New Year!  After a nice long break, it’s time to get the ball rolling on the Fifesoft projects again!

First, some low-lying fruit has been picked for RSTA.  You can now toggle whether end-of-line markers are rendered at the end of each line.  This can be useful for things such as seeing extra whitespace at the end of lines.  Here’s a preview of this feature being used in RText, where it is already integrated in SVN:

EOL Markers in RSyntaxTextArea

EOL Markers in RSyntaxTextArea

Also, and perhaps more importantly, there have been improvements in RSTA’s keyboard navigation.  Ctrl+left/right arrow have always skipped words, but until now, it’s used Java’s default “word skip” behavior (e.g. BreakIterator.getWordInstance()).  This isn’t really optimal for skipping “words” in source code, so this functionality has been revamped to behave like Eclipse does.  The only difference is that the caret does not stop at capital letters in camelCaseIdentifiers.  I despise this behavior, and I don’t know why the Eclipse devs think it’s a good idea.  Besides this, double-clicking on a word does a better “select word” for source code than before.  These are little things that make a big usability difference.

Finally, external tool support is being added into RText.  This will allow you to run things such as Ant, compilers, or whatever else from directly inside RText.  Nothing really to show at the moment though, just the framework has been put in.