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TokenMakerMaker Beta available for testing!

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Though development has unfortunately come to a crawl, a first beta of TokenMakerMaker is available for testing.  Contact me if you’re interested in testing it out.  It will be a feedback-driven project – features that are asked for are what will be implemented.  I plan on using it to generate a few new scanners for the next version of RSTA – first will be ActionScript.

Breadcrumb Bar in RText

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Progress has been very slow the last couple of weeks, unfortunately, but there has been a little bit of work going on.

The most exciting thing is definitely the addition of a breadcumb bar to RText’s file chooser.  The appearance of this component tries to mimic Vista’s breadcrumb bar in Windows Explorer.  Things are looking good so far:

Breadcrumb Bar

Breadcrumb Bar

It still needs to handle runtime LaF changes properly, however.  I’m also toying with having it “transform” into a text field when you click on any empty space at the end of the component, like Vista does.  On an Enter keypress (or focus lost), it morphs back into a breadcrumb bar.  It’s a very nice feature.  Check out the current progress in SVN.

Besides that, not much has happened, save for some small progress on TokenMakerMaker.  I’ll be sending a preview to those interested in testing it very soon hopefully.  I also plan to eat my own dog food, and use it to generate some TokenMakers for new languages for the next RSTA release!