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OfficeLnFs 3.0 Released

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

After a very long hiatus, a new 3.0 release for OfficeLnFs has been uploaded on SourceForge.  This release includes 3 fixes that have been in the project’s SVN repository for years now, but never made it into a “real” release for some reason:

  • JCheckBoxMenuItem/JRadioButtonMenuItem offsets wrong in Vista & Windows 7.
  • Improved background painting of uneditable JComboBox’s selected items in Vista & 7.
  • Fix for HTML tags being taken into account when calculating menu item width.

Moving forward, the VS2005 LookAndFeel may get a little bit more love; it’s inflexible in the customization of its tabbed pane and that may get rectified.


Microsoft Office Look and Feels added to Fifesoft

Friday, April 24th, 2009

OfficeLnFs is a Microsoft Office Look and Feel for Swing.  With this library, your Swing app can have the look of Office XP, Office 2003, or Visual Studio 2005.  The library is smart and picks up on your Windows theme, and adjusts the colors it uses to mimic what that particular Office application would look like in that theme.  Menus even properly support RTL languages (which even the standard WindowsLookAndFeel doesn’t do!).

OfficeLnFs is released under a BSD license. You can check out the source from SVN, or download the latest release from SourceForge.

VS2005 Look and Feel

VS2005 Look and Feel