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Breadcrumb Bar in RText

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Progress has been very slow the last couple of weeks, unfortunately, but there has been a little bit of work going on.

The most exciting thing is definitely the addition of a breadcumb bar to RText’s file chooser.  The appearance of this component tries to mimic Vista’s breadcrumb bar in Windows Explorer.  Things are looking good so far:

Breadcrumb Bar

Breadcrumb Bar

It still needs to handle runtime LaF changes properly, however.  I’m also toying with having it “transform” into a text field when you click on any empty space at the end of the component, like Vista does.  On an Enter keypress (or focus lost), it morphs back into a breadcrumb bar.  It’s a very nice feature.  Check out the current progress in SVN.

Besides that, not much has happened, save for some small progress on TokenMakerMaker.  I’ll be sending a preview to those interested in testing it very soon hopefully.  I also plan to eat my own dog food, and use it to generate some TokenMakers for new languages for the next RSTA release!

Fifesoft blog is online!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Welcome to the blog!  Here we’ll post about new projects, updates to existing projects, and more.  Hopefully this won’t become one of those abandoned blogs with only “I’m still alive” posts several months apart…