Change colour of line numbers background

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Change colour of line numbers background

Postby LukeAsh147 » Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:07 pm

I love having a dark themed interface, and the "Substance Graphite Aqua" is kinda awesome. I have two points in the post a question and an idea.

a) Is there anyway to change the background of the line numbers panel? It sticks out like a sore thumb on contrasted to the dark grey of the rest of the UI. Under Options > Gutter there is a "Color" option with a box, however this only affects font colour for the line numbers. A background colour option would be nice to have here too. Apologies if I'm being blind about this.

b) An idea: have the LaF selection for the main UI also affect the editor. I understand that this may be complicated given that they are separate components, however imo it's a nice touch. It's kinda awkward to have a massive white square in the middle of my screen. I have no problem with manually changing the colours - I'd have done it anyway - but I know people that would just be like O_o and become confused. It's not a massive problem though.

Re: Change colour of line numbers background

Postby robert » Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:07 pm

Yes, I've thought about all of these things myself. :) The RSyntaxTextArea editor component itself lets you change the color of the gutter's background, but RText doesn't expose this. To keep the UI as simple as possible, the simplest approach may be to have RText just keep the gutter's background in sync with the editor's background color.

As for keeping the editor theme in sync with the LookAndFeel, I've struggled to come up with an intuitive way to implement this. Should a LaF change always override all of your editor colors? Seems like that might be heavy-handed, but it is an option. I've also considered having editor theme choices exposed in the UI somehow, that the user could choose from (e.g. Eclipse, Visual Studio, RText default, Dark, ...). Then configuration such as yours would be two step: Change the LookAndFeel, then change to the "default" dark theme. You could then tweak individual colors in the editor to suit your tastes, like you can today. What would be the best way to expose this in the Options dialog?

Another alternative would be some sort of RText-wide "application theme" option. Selecting this would change the LookAndFeel and the editor colors. Again though, I don't want it to be confusing having multiple ways to change the style of the application. Feedback welcome!
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