How to add a system variable to the VariableResolver?

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How to add a system variable to the VariableResolver?

Postby cschulze » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:28 pm

I'm using Rhino to script my application in JavaScript and want to provide a code editor to the users.
When executing the scripts I'm going to pre-define certain "global variables" which can be used to script my application.
In order to provide meaningful code completion I want these variables to show up in the code completion tab as if they were defined in the parsed source files.

I tried the following to add a "system variable" to the VariableResolver but unfotunately the variable doesn't show up during auto completion.

java code:

JavaScriptLanguageSupport jsSupport = new JavaScriptLanguageSupport()
protected JavaScriptCompletionProvider createJavaScriptCompletionProvider()
provider = new SourceCompletionProvider( isXmlAvailable() );
completionProvider = new JavaScriptCompletionProvider( provider, getJarManager(), this );
return completionProvider;

VariableResolver resolver = provider.getVariableResolver();

CodeBlock block = new CodeBlock( 0 );
JavaScriptVariableDeclaration declaration = new JavaScriptVariableDeclaration( "myApp", 0, provider, block );
block.addVariable( declaration );
declaration.setTypeDeclaration( JavaScriptHelper.createNewTypeDeclaration( "myPkg.SomeClass" ) );
resolver.addSystemVariable( declaration );

I've then tried to add the completion proposal manually by doing the following:

java code:

VariableCompletion completion = new VariableCompletion( provider, "myApp", "myPkg.SomeClass" );
provider.addCompletion( completion );

But this didn't help either.

Can anybody please explain to me how I can achieve my goal?

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Re: How to add a system variable to the VariableResolver?

Postby robert » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:17 pm

Hi Christian,

Sorry for the late reply. You might consider opening a ticket on GitHub asking about this, as the author of the JS language support will get notification of it and might reply (I don't think he monitors this forum).


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