Building with Custom Plugins

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Building with Custom Plugins

Postby Simmonsd » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:57 pm

I'm having trouble getting custom plugins to load within the build process.

I have added a jar command to the build-plugins.xml file under the make-plugin-jars target, but otherwise have left the build process largely untouched. The plugin loads and works fine executing through Eclipse, but isn't loaded at all when running the RText jar produced in the distribution folder. I noticed with some surprise that the class files for my plugin are present in the RText jar while none of the "default" plugins' files are; I assume this is related. What else do I need to do in the build process or within the plugin or RText source to get plugin loading working? Am I overlooking something simple?

(I should also note that the plugin jar produced, including manifest file, works fine; it loads great in the root Eclipse project folder.)
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Re: Building with Custom Plugins

Postby robert » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:11 am

The plugin class files should only be in the plugin jar, not in the RText jar. With the way you're doing things, you'd modify build-plugins.xml to create an extra jar with just the class files and resources for your plugin. Sounds like you're doing all of this; perhaps you just need to filter your classes out of the classes included in the compile/jaring in RText's build.xml?

Finally, as long as your plugin jar is in the plugins/folder of the application, RText will attempt to load it. It looks for specific properties, Fife-Plugin-Class and Fife-Plugin-Load-Priority ("high", "normal", or "low"). Without at least the former property I don't think RText will load anything from the plugin jar. See what's done in build-plugins.xml for guidance.

If you're already doing all of that, I guess I'd have to see your actual project, because otherwise I'm stumped!
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