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JabacoTokenMaker support

Postby theuserbl » Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:52 pm


Because there is currently no support for VisualBasic 6 or VisualBasic 2008, I have created at currently an JabacoTokenMaker. Jabaco is Windows-native-compiler and -IDE, which creates code for the JavaVM. The syntax is more like VB6 then VB2008 is.
So, I have tried to implement a rudimentary Jabaco-syntax implementation.

You can try it out at
(Its an executable jar file. The sourcecode of all is included in the jar, too)

The changes are

1. added org/fife/ui/rsyntaxtextarea/modes/JabacoTokenMaker.java
It is still buggy and looks more like WindowsBatchTokenMaker, but it is my initial version of it.
I am not a developer. So please be indulgent with me.

I have written it in Java instead of JFlex, because JFlex is not only a lexer, it is additional an obfuscator. The generated Java-files are no longer easy to read.
So, as much as I like RSyntaxTextArea, as much I dislike JFlex.
I have little experience with JavaCC. *.java files creates by JavaCC are looking similar to the Source-files from which they are created. And the JavaCC sources (*.jj) looking not much different to JFlex Sources (.flex).

Happily with UnixShellTokenMaker.java and WindowsBatchTokenMaker.java you have created two example files, how to write TokenMaker direct in Java.

Additional modified
to register JabacoTokenMaker for RSyntaxTextArea. And
the description, that Jabaco is supported.

2. added TextModifier.java
It included

a) support for to change keywords.
Jabaco is not case-sensitive. So "else", "ELSE", "Else" and "elSE" are all the same for the compiler.
But it is easier to write, to write all in lower-case:
Code: Select all
  dim withevents a as new b()

and it is easier to read, if some letters are upper-case:
Code: Select all
  Dim WithEvents a As New b()

so with TextModifier the TextEditor doing it.
That is like VB6 and Jabaco doing it.

b) support for after comma space.
If after a comma comes no space or tabulator, the Editor creates a space.
For example, it is easier to write
Code: Select all
  Call myfunction (17.47,147.789,147.147,778.987,"a String")

but it is easier to read, if there stand
Code: Select all
  Call myfunction (17.47, 147.789, 147.147, 778.987, "a String")

with TextModifier again the Editor doing it.
That is something, what QBasic have done before.

QBasic have changed a lot the text.
For example a
Code: Select all

was changed to
Code: Select all
  a = (14 + 3) * 2 / 25 * (((-3 + 4) * (9 + 14)) * 94) - 145.14 * 14

But that needs a lot more code to implement, so I haven't done it.
For example a "-" can be a minus or a sign.

Warning: TextModifier is not optimized. For very lange text, it needs so much time, that it is unusable.

Info at the end: I have all compiled with J2SDK 1.4.2_19, because all can be compiled with so old versions.
And so people with older Java-versions can run it, too.
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Re: JabacoTokenMaker support

Postby robert » Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:50 pm

Awesome, thank you!

I'll certainly take a look at what you've made, and I'll be in contact with any questions, etc.
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