requestFocus() isn't setting highlight

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requestFocus() isn't setting highlight

Postby majenko » Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:43 pm

I am guessing there is some extra command I need to run for this.

When I, fully programatically, open an RSTA, populate it with text, set all the colours, move the caret to a specific location, and then call .requestFocus(), everything works fine except the current line's highlight isn't painted until I actually click the mouse or move the cursor by hand.

I found forceCurrentLineHighlightRepaint() which looks like it might have done the trick, but it's protected, so I can't call it.

Is there some other trick to doing this, or is it a bug?

My current command sequence once the RSTA is open and populated is as simple as:
Code: Select all

Oh, if the RSTA is already there and visible when I position and focus then it works. If it's a newly opened one then the line doesn't highlight.
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Re: requestFocus() isn't setting highlight

Postby robert » Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:51 am

Sounds like a bug to me. I've added it on GitHub so it gets fixed in the next release. Thanks!
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