Impressive editor i like it! But i miss 1 thing

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Re: Impressive editor i like it! But i miss 1 thing

Post by robert » Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:36 am

This option will be available in the next release (but disabled by default). I'm also adding the ability to toggle another feature that's already built into the editor component - whether lines that contain all whitespace should be cleared on moving away from them via Enter. I prefer extraneous whitespace being removed, but I have a feeling most folks would prefer to see the whitespace kept by default.

I'll try to upload a test jar for you to try these features out before the next release.


Re: Impressive editor i like it! But i miss 1 thing

Post by Anonymus » Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:55 pm


I forgot to mention that I am a web developer, so Java is kinda out of my league, i'm just starting out but the whole compilation stuff is hard on a Win machine (or at least that's how i find it kuz i'm a n00b).

If you have any idea on how to pursue this topic please say, for the moment i'm stuck at the compilation part so i have no way to follow the last steps. And if none add to this thread anything, at least to say yeah it's a good idea etc. it's hard to play nostradamus and foresee if there are others like me that would like this feature implemented "officially".

Thanks and keep up the good work

Re: Impressive editor i like it! But i miss 1 thing

Post by robert » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:26 am

Thanks for the feedback! I think this option is built into RSyntaxTextArea, the text editing component, but for some reason I never exposed it in the RText UI. If you download the source from SVN, you can try hacking it in yourself, it should be very easy to do. (And if it works, let me know and I'll make it an option in the RText UI. I don't know how well tested it is :)).

1. Download the Common and RText projects from SVN.
2. Open file RText/src/org/fife/rtext/
3. Find the method with signature:

Code: Select all
   private RTextEditorPane createRTextEditorPane(FileLocation loc, String encoding) throws IOException;

4. There we create and initialize all newly-created text components. Add the following line somewhere in there, before returning it:

Code: Select all

5. Rebuild the fife.common.jar in the Common project and rtext.jar in the RText project (the latter depends on the former).
6. Replace RText.jar in your RText install with this new one. You might consider backing up the old one, just in case I've pushed something else to SVN since the last release that isn't fully cooked.

Let me know how it goes! Again, if it looks good, we can add it "officially" in the next release.

Impressive editor i like it! But i miss 1 thing

Post by Anonymus » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:57 am


I've just took for a short ride rtext, and i have to say, it is the MOST IMPRESSIVE text editor on the web (i think i've test 98% of the text editors and IDE's out there) but it lack 1 feature that all editors lack except for 1 and thats TextPad.

try this in TP.

class user {
tab1 function greet() { (hit enter)
auIndent tab1 hit enter
} press up arrow -> this will make the caret jump after the tab placed after the auto indentation.
Please note that TP is the ONLY text editor that has this feature, the rest jump after the auto indent when you hit the up arrow and you have to hit the right arrow to jump after the tab, and is very VERY annoying for my style of coding.

And i have noticed that the auto indent in Rtext doesn't work as expected. Just so you understand my style of coding (and i don't think i'm the only one i'll give the steps).
I usually play safe with my code and indent and close the braces before i start to go with the guts of my functions.

class User { new line
autoInd function do() { new line
autoInd hit tab new line
autoInd } press up arrow
} some editors autoclose the brace and move the caret with indentation in between or they auto indent I hit another enter close the brace and push the up arrow where the ugly part comes up. The caret moves above the brace before the indent, not like TP after the indent which forces me to do another hit on the right arrow, i'm always looking to optimize my coding speed so for me at least this is a MUST HAVE in a text editor.