Error Strip Component

An “error strip” is the vertical component on the right-hand side of an editor.  It contains colorful little rectangles that indicate the relative location of parser errors and other places of interest in the editor’s content.  Clicking on one of those colorful rectangles takes you to that location in the document.

When I first saw this feature in IDE’s, I didn’t like it.  It seemed like a waste of space.  Eventually however, I grew to like it.  It was nice, for example, to quickly get an idea of how much a variable was used by clicking on it and seeing the “marked occurrences” show up in the error strip.

So I’ve decided to add it as yet-another-new-feature to RSTA.  It nicely compliments the Parser work currently being done, so it’s fun to do them in parallel.

The component itself is very simple and was easy enough to create.  The real work comes in efficiently synchronizing it with changes in the editor’s state.  I’ve got something working but the code is very messy and I’ll have to work on it to get it presentable.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot.  I’m using the spelling Parser again.  The error strip shows little rectangles for each misspelled word in the editor.  Clicking on one of them takes you to that misspelled word:

Error Strip, take 1

Error Strip, take 1

As always, more to come soon!

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