Javadoc/Multi-line comments now automatically closed

The latest SVN contains a cool new feature that took me awhile to get used to in Eclipse.  In Java, C, and similar languages, multi-line comments and Javadoc comments are now automatically closed as you type.

Adding a new doc comment...

Adding a new doc comment…

... and after pressing Enter

… and after pressing Enter

I’ll make this an option, but for now there’s no way to turn it off.  Feedback welcome!

3 Responses to “Javadoc/Multi-line comments now automatically closed”

  1. Bob Fisch says:


    Cool feature, but actually I get a lot of debug messages on the console:

    … [Token: ]
    8, 0
    … [Token: text: ‘ ‘; offset: 140; type: 16; isPaintable: true; nextToken==null: false]
    … [Token: text: ‘/**’; offset: 141; type: 3; isPaintable: true; nextToken==null: true]
    9, 3
    ‘ /**

    Is there a way turning the debug messages off? In which class are they generated?

  2. Bob Fisch says:

    OK, I’ve found it finally on my own (in


  3. admin says:

    Oops, sorry about that! I just pushed a fix removing the debug System.out.println’s.