Very large push to RText SVN

For some reason I’ve been batching up changes to RText, and haven’t pushed anything into SVN in 4 months.  Well, I came to my senses, and it’s all finally there!

There will be 3 main areas focused on in the 1.2 RText release:

  1. Integrating the language support I’ve been blogging about (Java, HTML, Perl, etc.)
  2. Usability improvements
  3. Bug fixes

The first item is already practically done.  I’ve integrated RSTALanguageSupport via a plugin.  I’ve still got a couple more ideas for the latter two items before 1.2 is good to go.

5 Responses to “Very large push to RText SVN”

  1. mnru says:

    I hope next version Rtext can save in utf-8 without BOM as default. Because Scala compiler can’t compile with BOM.

  2. admin says:

    Hi mnru,

    Have you tried going to:

    Edit -> Options -> General

    And unchecking “Include a BOM when writing UTF-8 files”?

    I believe that on Windows, RText defaults this value to be “true”, but everywhere else it defaults to “false”, to mimic Notepad’s behavior on Windows. You may need to uncheck it for your needs.

  3. mnru says:

    my environment is Japanese windows 7 . So without unchecking “Include a BOM when writing UTF-8 files”, UTF-8 files is interpreted as windows 31j .

  4. admin says:

    That’s only because RText only looks for a BOM to try to auto-detect a file’s encoding. If no BOM is found (as in a UTF-8 file with no BOM), it’ll assume it’s the system default encoding. You’ll have to manually select “UTF-8” as the encoding in the file chooser to open the file properly in that case.

    Some editors are smart, and even if there is no BOM in a file, they’ll scan the file’s contents for Unicode sequences and try to pick an appropriate Unicode if one is found. Is this what you were hoping RText would do? If so, then please open a feature request here:

    Note this still wouldn’t be fool-proof, as if you saved a file as UTF-8 with no BOM, but the file contained all ASCII characters (for example), an editor would still determine the file to be the system encoding (assuming the system encoding was ASCII-based).

    Does manually selecting “UTF-8” when opening the file in the file chooser work for you?

  5. mnru says:

    As you mentioned , I can select UTF-8 by file chooser, but it’s troublesome.
    I hope RText has the setting the file which includes non-Ascii charactors is interpreted as .Ithink Scala code which includes Japanese charactors tends to be written in UTF-8,and other langguage for JVM code
    which include non-Ascii charactors tends to be written in UTF-8 too.
    So this need is pretty large, I think.