Javadoc assistance for Java Code Completion

I’ve added the ability to add “source attachments” to jars on the “class path” or “build path” (not sure what to call that, Eclipse uses “build path,” but RSTA isn’t compiling anything, since it’s just an editor…).  You can now get Javadoc in the description window alongside code completion choices.  In the example below, I’m editing java/lang/, and I’ve attached the that comes with the JDK.  You’ll see that the Javadoc for the relevant String method is shown:

Source Attachments working

Source Attachments working

Beyond that, I’ve been working on the API, using RText as the test application.

Also, not the source outline tree on the left.  I’m working on getting this component simple and usable as well.  I’m tempted to shove it into the RSTALanguageSupport library, since it would only be used with RSTA instances using the library, but since it isn’t specifically related to the editor, it may just end up in RText itself.  It’s really nice – it displays the outline of the source as parsed by the code completion parser, and clicking on an item in the tree jumps to that item in the source code.  However, it is Java-specific and is not currently meant to be used for outlining just any language.

One Response to “Javadoc assistance for Java Code Completion”

  1. Bob Fisch says:

    Ufff .. your post reassured me that all this is not just a 1st April joke.

    When will your code be ready for testing? I’d really like to test it … 😛