RSyntaxTextArea 1.4.0 Released! SpellChecker Too!

Both RSyntaxTextArea and SpellChecker 1.4.0 were just released on SourceForge!  Go grab them and try them out!  A lot of new features and bug fixes have gone into the library with this release.  Spell checking alone has been an oft-requested feature, but there’s lots more than that:

  • “FocusableTips” were added, which are tool tips that become focusable when the
    user clicks on them or presses F2, like the tool tips in Eclipse.  These
    are the default tool tips for RSyntaxTextArea, and can be used by parsers
    (such as the spell checker) for user-friendly assistance.
  • Added an “Error Strip” component, designed to sit on the right-hand side of an RSyntaxTextArea.  Also seen in Eclipse and NetBeans, this component is capable of displaying colored markers for various stuff in the editor – parser errors, marked occurrences of the currently selected identifier, etc.
  • Delphi, Scala and BBCode syntax highlighting were added.
  • RSTA will now automatically insert a closing curly brace when appropriate for C, C++, C#, Java and Perl.  This behavior is toggle-able in the API if you don’t like or want it.
  • RSTA will also now automatically complete closing XML tags when “</” is typed (again, you can turn this off if you don’t want it, but it’s really nice!).
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • The spell checker library is now officially released.  It’s version is “1.4.0” to indicate that it should only be used with RSyntaxTextArea 1.4.0, not earlier releases.  It comes with a simple demo app showing how easy it is to use it with RSTA.
  • RSTA comes with a “Task Parser” as well.  It scans source code for the tokens “TODO” and “FIXME” in comments.  Applications can use this parser to provide the user with a list of “tasks” they’ve reminded themselves of in code.

Now that the release is done, I plan on updating the RSyntaxTextArea site with documentation on how to use these cool new features.

Also coming up shortly, a new RText version should be released that will take full advantage of all of these new features!

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  1. Lars says:

    Congrats! 🙂