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AutoComplete is a library allowing you to add IDE-like auto-completion (aka "code completion" or "Intellisense") to any Swing JTextComponent. Special integration is added for RSyntaxTextArea, since this feature is commonly needed when editing source code; however, code completion can be added to even simple JTextFields.

Features include:

  • Drop-down completion choice list.
  • Optional companion "description" window, complete with full HTML support and navigable with hyperlinks.
  • Optional parameter completion assistance for functions/methods, ala Eclipse and NetBeans.
  • Completion information is typically specified in an XML fie, but can even be dynamic.

This library is licensed under a modified BSD license.

Please leave any feedback in the RSyntaxTextArea forums!

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This is a C source code editor, with syntax highlighting and code completion for the C standard library. The code completion is context sensitive - you will get different suggestions when you are editing code than when you are typing in a string literal or a comment. Various features of the library can be toggled in the menu bar.
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